Full Mouth Reconstruction for Smile Esthetic, Health, and Function

Full Mouth Reconstruction The Bronx, NY

Full mouth reconstruction is the process in which a dentist helps their patient by reconstructing and/or replacing the patient's teeth. The dentist helps the patient determine exactly what work needs to be done to make their smile look nice and have overall better oral health. 

Although the process of having these procedures done can sometimes be lengthy and expensive, the outcome is rewarding. Full mouth reconstruction gives the patient a fresh start with a new smile they can be proud of. The core areas that are impacted by full mouth reconstruction include smile aesthetic (the way the smile looks), health (the way the smile impacts oral health), and function (how well one can eat or talk). Let us take a closer look at how these procedures can help. 

Smile aesthetic 

The impact that the smile has on how a person feels about themselves cannot be underestimated. Full mouth reconstruction allows patients to escape the feelings of embarrassment or hesitation to smile. These procedures can totally transform a person's smile by reconstructing and replacing teeth and offering options like teeth whitening and straightening treatments. The main focus for these procedures is to make the patient's smile a working one, although the beauty they add to the patient is a plus. 


Oral health can have a huge impact on how a person feels. Full mouth reconstruction is often offered when the patient has major health issues associated with their smile. This can be beneficial for the patient's health by helping them identify and treat oral issues that could lead to more serious concerns later on. The dentist will work to evaluate the patient's specific needs and which treatments or procedures will lead to the best long-term results. Working together, the patient and the dentist will come to determine a treatment plan and schedule what will likely take place over the following several weeks or months. 


The ability to eat and talk are two of the most important functions of the teeth. These procedures make the patient's daily activities like talking and eating easier to do. Full mouth reconstruction makes the patient have a beautiful smile and a useful and healthy one. These procedures allow the patient to do simple tasks like eating their favorite foods or speaking more clearly without pain or concern. Small changes like this can certainly have a big impact on a person's life. 

How to begin the process 

An initial appointment is the first step to beginning this process. After completing a full mouth evaluation, the dentist will then determine whether or not this would be a useful process for the patient to undergo regarding their health, safety, and potential outcome. Keep in mind that these procedures may not be right for everybody. 

If the dentist decides that this would be a good idea for the patient, they may perform different smaller procedures to prepare the patient for more advanced procedures. 

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