The Process for Getting Dentures The Bronx, NY

The more you know what to expect when getting dentures, the better prepared you will be for a smooth transition. Although there are different types of dentures, most people will still need a series of appointments before the completion of their dentures. The process for getting dentures involves having teeth extracted, impressions taken, temporary dentures fitted, and permanent dentures adjusted.

A fitting appointment is available at Cohen's Gentle Dental in The Bronx and the surrounding area. Getting dentures may not only improve a person's appearance but also restore the ability to eat and speak normally. Although chewing power with dentures is not 100% of what it would be with healthy natural teeth, it is a significant improvement from eating with missing or damaged teeth. We can help you prepare yourself for the process of getting dentures.

At Cohen's Gentle Dental, our caring and knowledgeable staff takes the time to get to know each patient. This way, we can provide the highest level of personalized care possible. Call us at (718) 502-8183 to get started on your new smile.

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